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We are a leading global distributor of MRO supplies for a variety of electronics manufacturing and assembly industries. We offer electronics assembly supplies from leading manufacturers such as JBC Soldering, 3M, Kester Solder, Henkel, Desco and Nortec. We have a long-standing reputation for offering competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. We are a one stop shop for industrial wipes, ESD wipers, stencil wiping rolls, soldering, soldering devices, desoldering stations, and more. In addition to assembly electronics, we also offer a wide assortment of cleanroom supplies such as cleanroom wipes, cleanroom gloves, and cleanroom apparel.




Featured Products

  • Staticide-Premium-ESD-Floor-Paint

    ACL Staticide® 5700 Premium ESD Floor Paint

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  • 7600-IPA-Cleaning-Wipes-ACL-Staticide

    ACL Staticide® 7600 IPA Cleaning Wipes

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  • heavy-duty staticide

    ACL Staticide® Heavy Duty Staticide

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  • Class 100 Finger Cots

    Class 100 ESD Finger Cots – Anti-static finger cot

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  • DEK Green Monster Understencil Wiping Roll

    DEK Stencil Wiping Roll Green Monster™- 300mm

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  • esd-safe-corstat-and-cfp-bins

    ESD Safe Corstat and CFP Bins

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  • T245-C_Soldering_Iron_Handle

    JBC T245-C Soft Thermal Insulator Soldering Iron Handle

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  • Kleanstat Flex

    Kleanstat Flex – FOD Free

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  • Kolver_FAB10

    Kolver FAB10RE/FR

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  • Loctite_GC_Game_Changer_3W_Water_Soluble

    Loctite GC 3W The Game Changer – Water Soluble

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  • Nitrile ESD Gloves

    Nitrile ESD Textured Glove

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  • ULTIMATE 5 ESD Polyester Sealed Edge Wipers

    ULTIMATE 5 ESD Polyester Sealed Edge Wipers

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  • UltimatII

    Ultimat™ II Static Dissipative Work Surface – Thin Layer Rubber

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  • Know Your Cleanroom Wipe Materials

    VISION 50™ ESD Polyester Knit Wipers

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