stencil-rollsBlue Thunder Technologies offers SMT cleaning solutions including high quality and innovative Stencil Rolls for DEK, MPM,  EKRA, Panasonic, and other PCB Printers. These stencil wiping rolls efficiently remove solder paste and clean the underside of stencils used to print circuit boards.

Using high quality stencil wiping rolls when cleaning stencils help prevent a number of common production defects like bridging, solder balls, and smearing. Read More

These defects can and will occur when economy or sub quality products are used. It has been proven many times that a few pennies saved in using low quality stencil wiping rolls results in many thousands of dollars lost due to circuit board defects and rework costs. Let’s do it right the first time! After all, the goal is to apply solder paste onto a board that is clear, crisp, clean and accurate. It is your foundation of a very expensive populated circuit board!
Green Monster™ Stencil Rolls Aquavator™ Stencil Rolls Standard Paper Rolls – Cellulose Stencil Rolls
NOVA-TECH™ 9000 Stencil Rolls

Blue Thunder Technologies offers stencil rolls with combined benefits that are not available anywhere else. For example, we offer the only stencil wiping rolls that are truly ESD. That benefit can be found in our product called GREEN MONSTER!™ stencil cleaning rolls. In addition to ESD-safe, some of the other huge benefits our stencil wiping rolls offer are:

  • Aggressive cleaning surface
  • Optimum porosity for vacuum systems
  • Virtually lint free
  • No loose paper fibers
  • Co polymer bonded fiber structure
  • Works well even with no solvent
  • Works well with fine pitch solder
  • Works well with any size stencil apertures
  • Lead-free compatible
  • “Green” – contains no paper hence no trees are destroyed
  • Extra long rolls for reduced down-time costs

We can provide stencil wiping rolls in a wide range of sizes that are guaranteed to fit a number of popular printer models, including:

  • DEK printers
  • Speedline printers
  • MPM printers
  • EKRA printers
  • Panasonic printers
  • SMTech printers
  • Yamaha printers

We can assist you in identifying the best stencil wiping roll for your specific PCB printer. We can discuss with you how using our products will reduce your costs and make your production more efficient. Contact us directly for more information on the various stencil rolls available, or click on the links below to find the right stencil wiping roll for your printer.