Cleanroom Swabs

swabs-for-cleanroom-lab-medicalPuritan offers an array of medical, diagnostic and critical environment products ranging from tongue depressors to cotton, rayon, calcium alginate, nylon flock and polyester-tipped applicators to our Puritan exclusives such as the Puritan DNA-free applicators, the Puritan Popule Self-Saturating Swab, the Puritan Wound Measuring Device and our PurFlock brand applicators. These swabs can be used as cleanroom swabs, medical swabs, as well as in any controlled environment setting. Puritan offers shaft materials in wood, plastic stainless steel, and aluminum. Puritan has a wide selection of specialty products Read More

for OB/GYN, diagnostic, and forensic applications, as well as new products in development all the time. The PurSwab line offers plenty of choice for the non-medical applications. Look for foam-tipped cleaning applications that are gentle enough for delicate equipment, yet manufactured to withstand your most common solvents. Puritan evolving product line includes, but is not limited to, chemical-resistant applicators, swabs for lint-sensitive applications, static-resistant applicators, specialty foam tipped applicators, an industrial version of the Puritan Self-Saturating Swab, as well as many more.

Anti-Static Swabs and Applicators Chemical Resistant Swabs and Applicators Cotton Tipped Swabs and Applicators
Anti-Static Swabs Chemical Resistant Swabs Cotton Tipped Swabs
ESD Swabs and Applicators Foam Tipped Swabs and Applicators  Knitted Polyester Swabs and Applicators
ESD Swabs Foam Tipped Swabs Knitted Polyester Tip Swabs
Popule Swabs and Applicators
Popule  Swabs