Henkel Multicore Solder Flux Hydro-X20

Henkel Multicore Solder Flux  Hydro-X20

Multicore Hydro-X/20 Water Soluble Flux is formulated for use on electronic assemblies which have been designed for water cleaning and will therefore meet the demand for those fluxes whose residues need not be removed in CFC type cleaning solvents.  A number of safety features have been built into the formulation of Hydro-X/20, particularly the fact that residues after soldering do not create excessive foam in the washing water and can be considered safe for disposal.

Offered in 4-1 gallon containers (IDH #479629, M00274), 5 gallon box (IDH # 479627, M00272) and 55 gallon drum (IDH # 479628, M00273).

Shelf Life: 725 Days

MSDS (PDF) - 1 Gallon Bottle
MSDS (PDF) - 5 Gallon Box
MSDS (PDF) - 55 Gallon Drum


*This material is considered Haz-Mat and must ship ground*
**Other fees may apply during shipping**

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