Cleanroom Mops

cleanroom-mopsBlue Thunder Technologies offers cleanroom mops for maintaining cleanliness in critically controlled environments from Class 100,000 up to Class 10. Cleanroom mops create extremely low particulate mops which are compatible with cleanroom environments. We carry brand names such as Roll-O-Matic™ mop systems and TruClean™ Flat Mop Systems. We offer a variety of mop heads, mop handles, and tacky rollers.

cleanroom_mop cleanroom_mop_buckets stringless_cleanroom_mops
Roll-O-Matic™ Mop Systems

TruClean™ Flat Mop Systems

Stringless Mops
cleanroom_roller_mops ultraspeed-single-and-double-bucket-systems ultraspeed-single-and-double-bucket-systems
Tacky Roller Mop Systems

UltraSpeed Mopping Systems

UltraFlex Buckets & Wringers
Duo Mop