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We a leading distributor of cleanroom supplies and electronics assembly supplies for critical control assembly areas, circuit board manufacturing facilities, sterile environments, and industrial applications. We are a team of responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable individuals that work hard to provide our customers with industry-leading products and solutions. We represent the top manufacturers from around the world for cleanroom consumables and industrial cleaning products such as cleanroom wipes, industrial wipes and lab wipescleanroom gloves, cleanroom apparel and other supplies used in the medical, pharmaceutical, life science, laboratory and electronics industries.Read More

In addition to our line cleanroom supplies, we offer a full line of products for the electronics manufacturing industry. Our products including ESD Gloves, Understencil Wiping Rolls, ESD Wipes, Industrial Wipes, Soldering and Rework Equipment are trusted by a variety of businesses and organizations involved in Automotive Electronics Assembly, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, Aerospace, Printing, Green Energy, and more.


Cleanroom Classification for Aseptic Processing

April 19, 2016 11:36 am : News

Cleanroom Classification Recommendations for Aseptic Processing / Sterile Environments:

Critical Area – ISO 5 (Class 100) FDA Recommendations

The critical area is where the sterilized drug product, as well as any containers and closures are exposed to environmental conditions that must be designed to maintain product sterility (§ 211.42(c)(10)). Activities conducted in such areas include manipulations (e.g., aseptic connections, sterile ingredient additions) of sterile materials prior to and during filling and closing operations.

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